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Rosé des Riceys

A unique and prestigious product of the Champagne region, Rosé des Riceys is a still rosé made from Pinot Noir grapes gently ripened on hillside slopes with excellent south or south-eastern exposures. Of the 350 hectares permitted for the appellation, only 10% are used each year. The winegrowers and 25 producers thus guarantee the quality and exclusive nature of the AOP Rosé des Riceys granted within the limit of the permitted AOP Champagne yield each year.

Crafted from traditionally hand-picked grapes, Rosé des Riceys is only produced in the best years. This outstanding rosé is therefore always a vintage wine and can be cellar-aged for 3 to 10 years and sometimes much longer. Some vintages are suitable for extremely long cellar ageing! Rosé des Riceys is one of the few rosés whose recommended drinking time is only after 3-4 years of bottle ageing.


In our experience, the best vintages are able to age for up to 70 years.

Rosé des Riceys’ refined, elegant character makes it the perfect wine to complement a wide range of dishes, from roast poultry to fish. It can even be served and enjoyed throughout a meal, from starter to dessert. Top sommeliers consider it to be more of a light red wine than a rosé.


Tasting notes

Robe: Mix of shiny ruby colour and topaz highlight.
Nose: Surprisingly rich and complex with hints of red berries and spices.
Flavours: Delicate, well-balanced with freshness and finesse.
Characteristics: Taste of red fruit and spices, light vanilla note.


When to drink





Service: 12 DegC
This wine goes perfectly well with fish, white meat and mild cheeses.

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