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And then a lot of good old hard work….

Throughout the seasons and hard labor, the estate grew and progressed to become what it is today.

Dans nos caves du 18ène. Nous possédons une vinothèque qui retrace la mémoire de la maison Morel et qui remonte à l’année 1947.

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Managed nowadays by a family trio, the production process primarily reflects their personality.

  • Simon is managing the vineyard.

  • Pascal guarantees the excellent production standards.

  • Emilie puts the feminine finishing touches to the bottles created. She manages the commercial and export.

We focus on the fineness and delicacy, structure and balance, elegance and refinement of our champagnes.

Our spirit is also embodied in the desire for environment-friendly and sustainable operation, preserving the vineyard for future generations. Here, natural grass cover is used, the biological life of the soil is respected and preference is given to mechanical working methods rather than chemical.

Located in : France

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