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Collard-Picard are in two noble wine growing areas.

The COLLARD part being in the Marne Valley and the PICARD part being in the Cote des Blancs. “One can’t be born in the Champagne region without having the sap from the grapevines in one’s veins”

In the Collard-Picard  ‘firm’ it has been passed on from one generation to the next for two centuries.

Their wines express the savoir-faire of ancestral craftsman who have carved the way for a veritable passion.

Founded in 1889

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A subtle alliance of tradition and Modernity

Paying careful attention to nature so as to understand and optimise it they gently help it along the way daily using the most natural procedures, such as ploughing grassing over….

Every winter they use memory, intuition and experience to blend the wines, an act of constant renewal.

Thanks to the age-old method given to them by their ancestors (ageing in high-capacity oak barrels, and by  stopping the bottles with cork and bottling) They have since added the needed touch of modernity (The more regulation of the tanks and air-conditioning in the cellars)

Loyal to values which are a part of their history, quality will always be their firms’ aim with a select product meant only for true champagne lovers.


Located in : France

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