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Aged in different ways, our Ratafias Champenois explode with quality, respect for their terroirs, their grape varieties, and bring pleasure at all levels.


The “FRUIT” cuvée is made only with champagne grapes from the Meunier variety. Meunier is the typical grape variety of champagne that brings fruit to the cuvées of which it is part of the blend. For Champagne Dumangin J. Fils, the Meunier represents in the Montagne de Reims a particularly strategic contribution allowing to generate an intense fruit in the non-vintage and a color and a typical fruit for its iconic “Le Rosé” vintage of the house. “Ratafia Champenois” is a protected geographical indication. it proudly bears the name of its region and makes an important contribution to its terroir and its quality history.

CHARACTERISTICS ORIGIN: PGI from the Champagne area

GRAPES: Meunier from the Montagne de Reims area

ABV: 17% AGE: Only Grapes from harvest 2019

AGEING : Stainless steel to preserve fruitiness

BATCH : M2019

BOTTLING: 01/2021

BOTTLE COUNT: roughly 1200

TASTING NOTES: Lemon and orange zest on the nose, stone fruits on the palate (apricot) with a good acidity length in the mouth

FILTRATION: Respectful on plates

FOOD MATCHING: Pre-dinner drink / Sashimi


Dumangin "FRUIT" Ratafia Champenois

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