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I don’t but I do.

I don’t drink. But I do like the many aspects of champagnes. It activates your all your five senses and perhaps your sixth… your heart. I love the look of the bottles, the bubbles dancing elegantly in a sea of pale yellowish gold in a clear champagne flute… the nose, the palate, the sound of the silent ‘hisss’… celebrating every moment of good feeling… cheering yourself on


I wanted to share this with all my friends & like-minded champagne ‘kakis’

Setting up this website is the outcome of sitting and not doing much for too long. I realise that there are still many people in Singapore that are not aware that a champagne is made differently from the mass market sparkling wines.

The entire process from selecting the plot with the best soil and geographical advantage for the delicate grape varieties, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, to the selection of good age vines, to tender attention to the growth, to harvesting at the ripe and right time (but always subjected to the seasonal temperament of Mother Nature), to pressing (by foot?), to the 2 fermentation processes, to ageing for years and years in the cool chalky underground cellars, to introducing the bubbles in a beautifully crafted champagne flute.

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your champagne stories ...


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