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The ratafias champenois Julien Chopin are thought and making to place the fruit in front of the scene. 
That why, Emmanuel Chopin choose to use a «distillat of wine at 94 °» and like this obtain alcohol into the ratafia. The goal is to mask the aromas of the grapes. Ratafias are worked by grape varieties. 

The ratafia Julien Chopin can't be call "ratafia champenois". Indeed, since 2015, the ratafia champenois production criterias has evolved. A ratafia that has undergone skin maceration doesn't answer to the contractual requirements fixed for the production of ratafia champenois. 


TerroirClay and limestone
Assemblage / Blending100 % Pinot noir
Veillissement / Ageing2 years in oak barrels



Julien Chopin, Ratafia Champenois - 100% Pinot Noir (50cl)

  • The purple colour of this ratafia is intense. Extremely deep, the colour is also punctuates with red reflections.

    The first olfactive impression is intense. We notice plum jam aromas, prune and black cherry. After a few seconds, blackberries, raspberries and cacao aromas emerge.

    This ratafia breaks the received ideas about ratafia. With its colour almost black, the ratafia pinot noir offers an exceptional intense and franc aromatic expression.

    It a very atypical ratafia, ready to take up any meal challenges : chocolate or red fruits dessert, blue cheeses …

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